HammerSnipe PowerTool

HammerSnipe PowerTool 2.1

Research eBay products and discover the products that you need to sell
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Studies the eBay market and analyzes the possibility to sell a product to receive the highest profits. Includes free webinars to learn how to properly assess the available items and strategies. Provides the recommended keywords based on the item's description.

HammerSnipe PowerTool is a specialized eBay and online auction browser and bid sniping tool that can place last-minute snipe bids for you even when you are away from your computer and not online. Use it to browse your favorite auction site. When you see something you like, a single click allows you to set up a last-minute snipe bid through a secure, fast, online web-based bidding service. PowerTool is a fast, full-featured dual-paned web browser that includes direct access to the HammerSnipe service and special features for serious auction users, such as favorites lists of the sellers and bidders whose auctions you like to peruse. Both the software and the bid sniping service are free. Start winning auctions!

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